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We’re not ‘violent terrorists,’ withdraw Bill C-51

Open Letter to MP Tony Clement: (The remarks in quotation marks below come directly from Tony Clement’s email reply to our email.) Thank you for your reply to our email expressing our deep concern about Bill C-51. We have a…

Ottawa’s support for big business ‘shameful,’ says NDP’s Mobbley

Dear Editor: The difficulties that the Harper government presents to Canada takes many forms. One example is the “investor state dispute settlement,” ISDS. A quasi-judicial kangaroo court system, “star chamber.” Difficulties mount with our federal MP supporting ISDS in trade…

Hydro plant ‘waste of taxpayers’ money, travesty’

Dear Editor: re: Bala Falls hydro project This is a letter I sent to our mayor and council of Muskoka Lakes Township, and would love it if the local newspapers would consider investigating the practices of Swift River Energy and…

Six NDP wishes for Tony Clement to pass on to PM Harper

Dear Editor:  I thought maybe Tony Clement could pass my Christmas wish list on to Stephen Harper this year.  If Stephen Harper and conservatives can fork out $90,000 to commit bribery, fraud and breach of trust dealing with a Senator,…

End speed limit for light vehicles

Letter to Editor: Re: End This Speed Limit Our freeway speed limits are set for tractor trailers, cement mixers and school buses. Meanwhile automobiles, light trucks, SUVs and motorcycles are designed to be driven at much higher speeds safely. Most…

Conservatives and Liberals two peas in same pod

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In the days following their 1995 election win, Norm Miller’s chosen political party, the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, started gutting income security programs in Ontario. The current Liberal government is building on those slash and burn days…

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