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End speed limit for light vehicles

Letter to Editor:

Re: End This Speed Limit

Our freeway speed limits are set for tractor trailers, cement mixers and school buses. Meanwhile automobiles, light trucks, SUVs and motorcycles are designed to be driven at much higher speeds safely. Most states and countries around the world post 120 and 130 km/h speed limits for light vehicles on divided freeways.

With our current speed limit of 100 kph, one can\’t safely pass a vehicle that\’s doing the speed limit without breaking the law. Remember the OPP tells us that driving even 1 kph over the speed limit is illegal.

One speed limit for all means travelling beside a 30-meter big rig or a tanker at the same speed for extended times. We\’ve all seen people put not only their own lives at risk but also the trucker\’s. That is perilous. Those trucks can sway in the wind and wander without warning. The current law makes it illegal to pass safely by driving past a large vehicle at 20-30 kph over their speed.

Despite signs telling us trucks need space, our one-size-fits-all speed limit forces heavy trucks and light vehicles to mingle.

Big trucks take about 2-3 times longer to brake than small vehicles yet we can\’t legally drive any faster than them.

The prudent solution is to follow Europe\’s lead where most countries post lower speeds limits for heavy trucks and those who tow (100 kph) with higher limits for light vehicles (120 – 130 kph).

If people were finally allowed to drive at 120-130 kph legally, the OPP could take their focus away from speed and put it on driver distraction which everyone, including the OPP, agree is what really causes accidents.


John Newell,


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