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Freedom Party’s Stivrins says Ontario debt crippling province

SEGUIN TOWNSHIP — The forgotten party in the provincial election is reminding voters there is a fourth local alternative to the governing Liberals.

Freedom Party candiate Andy Stivrins also says municipal government is a stumbling block to Ontario's future.

Freedom Party candiate Andy Stivrins also says municipal government is a stumbling block to Ontario’s future.

The Freedom Party of Ontario will again be represented by Andy Stivrins, of SeguinTownship.

He says in a news release last week that the party is one of only five Ontario parties that fields enough candidates to be able to form a majority government.

At the age of 65, Stivrins says he has become increasingly cynical of the major parties’ willingness not to discuss the real issues.

He sees the two major issues affecting the Parry Sound-Muskoka riding as the failure of democracy at the municipal level; and the economic catastrophe the major parties refuse to discuss in the form of the nearly $300-billion debt.

The municipal government structure, which the province oversees under the Ontario Municipal Act, is the level that most affects daily lives.

Right now, he says Ontario is one of the few provinces that permits people to vote not only at home, but in every municipality they own property in as well.

“This form of chequebook democracy gives more say in the lives of residents to those that can afford more properties.

“An honest and realistic economic future for this area cannot exist until it is controlled by those most affected.”

He says that with expanding influence of councils, they now control almost every facet of daily life, from property rights to social events to the industries allowed to operate in an area.

Stivrins would like to see the municipal act brought in line with the bulk of the other provinces that focus on a one person, one vote municipally, as well as provincially and federally.

He says if you want to vote here, give up your other votes in the city.

On finances, the Freedom Party of Ontario sees a massive debt that Ontario has run up.

The third largest government expenditure, behind health and education, is the interest payment on the debt. It’s over $10-billion per year in interest in Ontario alone, he claims.

He says Freedom is the only party proposing an immediate balanced budget

In the past 20 years, the three parties that have elected MPPs all have proven track records of running up the provincial debt. This includes the exception of one year Mike Harris paid $2-billion towards the debt, then went back to using the credit card.

The Freedom Party, says Stivrins, is opposed to “mortgaging our children’s future for the benefits of our civil service bureaucracy now.”

He says while all parties claim to support the little guy and the middle class, reality is quite different.

“PCs are the party of big business. Large corporations like excessive regulation since it gives them an advantage over small businesses and private entrepreneurs.

“Liberals are the party of big government, which strangles the small private sector with taxes and onerous regulation.

“The NDP is the party of big unions — 70% of union jobs in Ontario are in the public sector and most of the remainder are working in large companies.

“Small business, with its results oriented emphasis on production, competence and work ethic, is the natural enemy of unions focusing on seniority, paper certifications and job duplication. All three groups support the status quo at the expense of the little guy.”

Even worse, claims Stivrins, none are willing to call out the Green Party on some of their more outlandish positions.

“The Greens are in fact the opposite of most Freedom Party positions. Their ideology specifically calls for a lower living standard for our society. It calls for deindustrialization, depopulation, as well as giving a philosophy that justifies taking away the few property rights that we do have. Proof of their influence can be seen in your hydro bills. Contrary to their ridiculous claims that solar power can’t increase your hydro bill, the FIT program pays up to eighty cents per kilowatt hour whereas Niagara’s dam generates power at two point seven cents per kilowatt hour. The math is obvious.”

According to their local candidate, The Freedom Party of Ontario is also the only one to support individual rights and freedoms as well as property rights.

“This is in contrast to big bureaucracy and lack of oversight on abuse and politicizing of police powers that is at least tolerated and at worst, encouraged by the other parties.”

Who is Andy Stivrins? Bio:

Andy Stivrins was born in a refugee camp in Germany in 1948 to Latvian parents, Monika and Kazimirs. In 1950, his family arrived in Canada and has been in the Parry Sound area since the early 1950s.

He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs who started with nothing and earned their living in the sawmilling, logging and road building trades. He is currently partners with his son Mark, 31, and daughter Sherry, 34, in XKvate Construction Inc. He has been married to his wife, Debbie Garinger, a now retired teacher, for almost 40 years.

Andy has been involved in competitive sports, performance boats and cars, raced snowmobiles at the world class level and practiced martial arts for many years. His main hobbies include reading and annoying public servants by always questioning authority.

In his youth, Andy had worked on various political campaigns and has supported Liberal, Conservative and Reform candidates.

He joined the Freedom Party of Ontario three years ago as a candidate and continues to fight for a strong economy and the personal and property rights of the individual.


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