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NDP’s Mobbley urges Miller to ‘come clean’ on local job cuts


Sunday, NDP candidate Clyde Mobbley sent an email to PC candidate Norm Miller, urging him to disclose the full impact of Tim Hudak’s local job cuts before the election is over:

Dear Norm:

Clyde Mobbley says Tim Hudak's 100,000 civil servant cuts would cost the riding many valuable government jobs.

Clyde Mobbley says Tim Hudak’s 100,000 civil servant cuts would cost the riding many valuable government jobs.

When Tim Hudak first announced he would create 1 million jobs for Ontarians while eliminating 100,000 of them, I was very skeptical, as were many Parry Sound—Muskoka voters.

But now, given the fundamental math errors raised by respected economists from all sides of the political spectrum, it is fair to say that the number of jobs Hudak is hoping for is even lower than the number of jobs he plans to eliminate.

The local impact would be up to a thousand public job cuts and hundreds more jobs that result from those local incomes.

Local businesses would also lose out with at least 100,000 Ontarians who can no longer afford to visit the area and support local tourism and cottage industry jobs.

Today, your fellow PC candidate Vic Fedeli called these concerns “scaremongering”, but voters know better.

Before the election is over, will you come clean about the local impact of Tim Hudak’s plan? It just doesn’t add up. To quote today’s PC press release, “voters deserve to know the full truth before Election Day.”

Tim Hudak plans to make irresponsible across-the-board tax cuts, even for big corporations that move jobs out of province or stash away “dead money”. These cuts and cuts to Ontario’s public service—including 100,000 jobs—do not make sense for Parry Sound-Muskoka.

Clyde Mobbley and Andrea Horwath will cut taxes for the small businesses, which create the most local jobs. The Job Creation Tax Credit also guarantees new jobs because only job creators will be rewarded. The NDP plan also rewards businesses that set up or expand in Ontario with a new Investment Tax Credit. That just makes sense. Clyde Mobbley and the Ontario NDP job plan make sense for Parry Sound-Muskoka.

Sincerely, Clyde Mobbley

Ontario NDP Candidate for Parry Sound-Muskoka

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