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Bev McMullen explores art from around the world with camera

PORT CARLING — Local photographer Bev McMullen does more than take news photos.

Headhunter-Rack card (002) (Small)She’s also a night and weekend artist who goes beyond the lens with her talents.

Headhunter – Beyond the Mask, is a collection of tribal arts, artifacts and avatars, a mixed media exhibition of primitive art in situ and in the artist’s imagination, says Gayle Dempsey of the Muskoka Place Gallery.

On Sunday, February 5, the photo journalist’s collection will go on display starting with an  artist’s reception from 2 to – 4 p.m. at the Muskoka Place Gallery, 1182 Foreman Road just west of Port Carling.

“HEADHUNTER is a play on words, as I am the headhunter looking for people to photograph and document and also to be courteous and give people my photos.

“My show features real and authentic masks that I have in my collection plus the tourist trade knock-offs that I buy and re-carve and create in my mind Avatars putting bits and pieces from various tribes to form a unique jewel.

“Also I have displayed artifacts, books, photos and jewellry made from pieces from my travels. I hope you enjoy the event.”

McMullen adds: “We travel for many reasons, to escape the mundane of everyday life, seek new like-minded people, relax, explore, find art treasures, witness the exotic and immerse ourselves in a new culture and culinary experience.

“I travel to find breathtaking remote, far away exotic wild places and tribes to photograph, while finding art pieces and artifacts.

“The Padang Tribe of long-neck women in northern Thailand, Huli Wigman of the Sepik River in Papua, New Guinea, the disk-lip tribe from Ethiopia and the Pygmies of the Ituri Jungle in the Congo…and the list goes on.

“I travel in the footsteps of the past  from Margaret Meade to Livingston in Africa and Meade in the Sepik in New Guinea and other adventurers who seek the thrill of the unusual.”  

McMullen says “I prefer to take the road less travelled and to be alone with my cameras finding solace in my quest for the exotic and primitive. Ex-primitives is mostly what is found today, however going further is the challenge and one must not be afraid to seek new locales. 

“I have been around the world twice using sign language and a smile. I now marvel at what I have accomplished, the people I have met. I have travelled the globe from  North America, South America, the Arctic, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, East and West Europe, South East Asia, Oceania, British Isles and recently Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand seeking tribes and witnessing there culture and art.”

The show runs at Muskoka Place Gallery to April.

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