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LETTER: Racket of thundering mortorcycle riders ‘juvenile’; there oughta be a law

Letter to Editor:

I have been improving my word power and lately I am onto adjectives used to describe sets  of objects.

Dual exhaust double trouble for anyone having to listen to them roar.

Dual exhaust double trouble for anyone having to listen to them roar.

A simple example would be for  a group of geese … a gaggle.

Some of my favourites are a clowder of cats, a kettle of vultures, a grist of bees, a bloat of hippos and an unkindness of ravens.

I have even taken to inventing my own.

And I have started referring to a certain gathering  that makes a statement every Wednesday night down at the Wharf here in Gravenhurst.

I dub them “a  thunder of bikers,” or the more edgy “a racket of riders.”

I do respect this group for their charity endeavours and their justly deserved pride in their machines.

In addition, even though I have heard them referred to  as “donor cycles,” they are skilled and courteous on the highways .

I am not one to run to the state regulators in this the most regulated sub-national jurisdiction (and indebted ) in the world .

Safety! What about going deaf, for Christs' sake?

Safety! What about going deaf, for Christs’ sake?

So, this is an appeal to the saner heads of the “thunder.”

Please, I know how exilerating it is to twist that throttle, sense the power, and hear the roar of that finely-tuned muffler, but really, to the  old folks in the neighbourhood that is just  feckless behaviour.

It is not good PR.

Surely there are miles of country of roads where you can express your freedom, but in town it is simply inconsiderate.

I might add that particularly in the residential sections rumbling slowly along is quite innocuous, however roaring away at full throttle from the ubiquitous, and irritating four-way STOPS in this town is  really only juvenile, “look at me everyone ” behaviour.”

I do  sympathize, though, with drivers  who become irritated at these ubiquitous STOP signs .

I am offering a  prize (one coffee mug) for  best  nomination in the most ludicrous STOP sign category  in town.

You need to do  better (worse) than  the leading contender so far, which is the “silliness of signs” at Emma and Wagner. Three where one would suffice.

 Wayne McGill


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1 Comment for “LETTER: Racket of thundering mortorcycle riders ‘juvenile’; there oughta be a law”

  1. Prometheus

    Wayne there is a law on the books stating how much noise any vehicle can emit in decibels from vehicles to motorcycles problem is police just don’t enforce it. Also a classification for tires that exceed noise limits yes those big honking tires on 4 x 4’s that make a lot of noise when there moving fast, again not being enforced by police or MTO road vehicle inspection groups.

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