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Clement claims federal Liberal spending ‘out of control’

OTTAWA An economic update from the federal government confirms its spending is “out of control,” claims Parry Sound-Muskoka’s MP.

Tony Clement says Ottawa now needs to borrow $20 billion this year alone to pay for its “bloated agenda.”

In email Tuesday, Clement wrote: “The Liberals promised a deficit of $10 billion.  Today, it is double that.

“(Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau also promised balanced budgets by 2019.  Today, his government officially projects he will never balance the budget,” said Clement.

The Conservative Member of Parliamant claims Trudeau’s government is adding debt at twice the rate he promised and his government projects that debt will grow every year into the future.

“The Trudeau government is poised to dump $100 billion in new debt onto the backs of Canadians, burdening our children and their grandchildren with a crippling amount to pay back.
“It is high tax hypocrisy for Justin Trudeau to force middle class Canadians to pay for his out-of-control spending, while his family fortune remains untouched. That’s why more than 80 per cent of middle-class Canadians pay more tax today under Justin Trudeau,” said Clement.

He says the Liberal update comes at the same time the Trudeau government is set to unleash higher taxes on small businesses, and empower the Canada Revenue Agency to make it more challenging and potentially more costly to have family members working in the family business or farm.

For years, when Clement was in government their mantra was to cut taxes.

But they, too, were subject to rising government costs. In fact, Clement made few friends as president of the Treasury Board when he was charged with scaling back the civil service labour costs.

His email didn’t address any specifics of the Liberals’ spending or whether he thought any of it was good for Canadians.

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1 Comment for “Clement claims federal Liberal spending ‘out of control’”

  1. decee

    Tony knows that. I knew it before they got elected. A Liberal is a Liberal is a Liberal is a spendthrift.

    Too bad the majority of people base their vote on a politician’s hair and don’t know the consequences

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